Suby Bowden
At the age of 55 I had never sung before, and felt it essential to choose a singing teacher who would be daring, and dedicated to teaching the widest range of styles and singing experiences. I may not have sung before, but I was raised my whole life by highest quality university teachers; I am so very fortunate to have chosen one of the best teachers in my life… Gail Springer, who is a sophisticated and phenomenal voice teacher!
Gail has always provided comfort and safety for me to explore all possibilities; she is great fun, and simultaneously explicit in her expectations. She is always articulate in teaching the structural possibilities of the voice emanating from a trained body. Her depth of knowledge includes the historical and contemporary composition of music for voice and for piano. I learn of great singers and how they create their range of voice, while continually training-relaxing-training my own voice, through both mimicking, and through unique self-expression.
Most important of all, I am now convinced, Gail’s teaching will enable me to one day sing to my greatest capacity, so I may share my most articulate expression of the joys and sorrows of my human experience! May you be so fortunate to discover your personal voice with our dear Gail ! Enjoy !
Marilyn Barnes
"Gail Springer has a wonderful sense on stage. Her voice is a high light French sound and yet she has a wonderful warmth and Richness in her vocal quality. Her radiance and love of performing always shine through when she is singing. She is a meticulous musician and is an inspiration to watch when working with instrumentalists." -Marilyn Barnes, soprano and voice teacher
Jacque Zander Wall
“Gail is such a vital personality that she energizes and inspires all that come in contact with her. Her interaction with students is always encouraging and she fosters a deep respect, personally and professionally, from her colleagues and students alike. Gail is a good advisor. Not only does she have a candid view of the workplace today but she is forward thinking and she envisions many new opportunities for herself and others. She is a wonderful and talented musician and an expressive and beautiful singer. Gail Springer’s enthusiasm is focused in organized action which makes her an invaluable member of any team.” -Jacque Zander Wall, mezzo soprano and voice teacher.
Elise Reynard
"Gail taught me how to infuse my singing with my acting. In her music theatre workshop class, she would have students improv the scene that preceded a song, as well as speak the lyrics as if they were a speech. It would really bring out new colors and actions when the music began. As an actor, it was sometimes difficult to be able to go from scene to song with the same intensity and through line. I often felt like ‘Uh oh, here comes the song part.’ She really helped me meld the two components and make them into one fluid scene." -Elise Reynard, actress, singer, dancer
Robin Bowles
"Gail’s strength as a voice teacher (and I’ve had several) is that she focuses on the unique qualities of my particular instrument and doesn’t try to make it something other than it is. Together we explore those qualities in an effort to make the voice the best it can be while maintaining it’s singularity." -Robin Bowles, Singer/Actor/Teacher
Pete Zapp
"Gail Springer is a star. One of those rare golden nuggets of academia – a consummate performing artist who just happened to be blessed with more passion and love for teaching and for family than for the illusive rewards of fame, fortune and celebrity, all of which she is more than gifted enough to have acquired if she’d chosen that path. If you could meet her family and her former students you’d understand that a true star isn’t satisfied with only sharing their talent, they need to help others discover how to share theirs. That’s Gail Springer." -Pete Zapp, actor, director, teacher: Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Center Stage, The Cleveland Playhouse, American Conservatory Theater, The Old Globe, Philadelphia Drama Guild, La Jolla Playhouse, The Longwharf Theater and Portland Repertory, on and off-Broadway, television and film including "M*A*S*H," "L.A. Law," "21 Jump Street," and "One Life to Live."
Dawn Kalani Cowle
"Gail Springer is by far one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated professors I have encountered. She shares her knowledge of musical theatre and vocal studies with her students in a supportive and engaging enviroment, bringing out the individual strengths within each of her students, and giving them the skills needed to turn their weaknesses into strengths. Because of Mrs. Springer’s support and instruction, I can honestly say I left college with the skills needed to seriously pursue a career in the world of professional theatre." -Dawn Kalani Cowle, Walnut Street Theatre Casting Apprentice 2005-2006 College of Santa Fe, BFA Theatre class of 2005
Brett Travis
"I have been singing for a while now, but i have never seen more immediate results than the short semester that i had an intensive study with Gail Springer. Within a short three months i was singing with a increased range, more flexibility and confidence and a greater appreciation and knowledge of music. With (sometimes) gentle pushing Gail helped me to stretch my working knowledge of musical theory and genres. A supportive critic, Gail gave me the advice i needed; she steered me towards my strengths while fortifying the areas that needed a little help. Always feeling constantly supported gave me the courage to try new things and grow. I would recommend anyone who wanted to better express themselves to take classes with Gail Springer. Classes were always enjoyable and encouraging experiences. I felt challenged and Gail pushed me to work hard." -Brett Travis, actor, singer
Kenny Wade Marshall
"I have taken both Musical Theatre Workshop as well as Voice and Diction classes with Ms. Springer. I gained the confidence to start a career in New York as a musical theatre professional thanks to her instruction. She not only taught me how to fill an entire theatre with my voice but also how to command the stage physically. Gail helps her students connect emotionally with the songs they sing by looking to the music itself. She focuses on fleshing out the original intent of the composer and lyricist while allowing you to make bold character choices within the structure of the song. In my professional career this has led to many auditions, call-backs, and jobs booked. Thanks Gail! "  -Kenny Wade Marshall; Off-Broadway: Pirates of Penzance Live On Deck! (2001 Lucille Lortel Nomination for Best Off-Broadway Revival); Chicago (Arts Center of Coastal Carolina); A Christmas Carol (Fulton Opera); Cinderella and Barber of Seville (Georgia Mountain Theatre Productions); SUV: The Musical! (2005 New York International Fringe Festival); Proud member of Actor’s Equity Association.