It’s All About the Voice

Download Gail singing “Que nadie quede solo (Get it together, everyone)”
from Matapolvos Suite for Soprano, English Horn, Viola & Cello. Music by Ron Strauss, 2004. Text by Eduardo Galeanno 1986

Matapolvos is available for purchase online May 2009 from

Learn more about Matapolvos and composer, Ron Strauss

The voice is a highly personal instrument of communication and expression. Each of us experiences singing in a unique way. Gail Springer’s creative methods combine science, education and music to empower the singer’s objectives. Whatever your singing needs, Gail customizes her teaching to you and your voice.

  • gain control over your sound and breath
  • express emotion through your voice
  • communicate the words more clearly
  • reveal character
  • audition better
  • sing in different styles
  • expand your range
  • overcome stage fright
  • belt
  • prevent vocal injury
  • learn how to warm up